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Wood Furniture
 On-site:  Furniture Menders LLC can repair many types of damage in your home/office including          
                   nail polish spills, dog/cat-related damage, scratches, crushed corners, broken parts, water        
                   rings, small burns, moving damage, loose chair joints, dents & gouges, worn finish and more.
In shop:  Extensive repairs to include many  of the items listed above, complete chair re-gluing, parts     
                    duplication, small refinishing jobs, welding of metal parts, cane & rush chair seats and much     

Leather & Vinyl
Furniture Menders LLC can repair the following types of damage in our shop or on-site:  Small areas     
 of worn color, scratches, rips, tears & holes in furniture, boats and cars, restaurant booths & more.  If          
 it's vinyl or leather, we may be able to repair it.  Contact us to see!

While upholstery is not our speciality, there are some repairs that we can do on site such as,                       
 adjustments, minor repairs, loose fabric or parts, pull back of upholstery for frame repair.

Please contact us for a referal if major upholstery work is needed.

Furniture Menders LLC can repair many of the working parts in various pieces of furniture such as          
 table slides, reclining mechanisms, drawer slides, door adjustments, etc.

Furniture Menders LLC.